Switch on Your speakers - listen MIDI version of game's music!!

Moorhuhn - foots of Bush (Foots of Roasted Bush). This is a super-puper patch to known game Moorhuhnjagd. EXE-file included in distributive packet. This is a 4,8Mb. FREEWARE. Professional graphics, audio and music. ALL graphics and audio NEW!!

Roasted Annan and Robertson fly above the graveyard of american warrior. Roasted Bush with bottle yells: "Viski!!", and his head fall to the tureen near Husein. You - pacifier. Your mission - "Hidrogen (termonuclear) hammer of liberty" in the Washington: You throw the rusty soviet grenades "F-1" in this roasted huhns...

 Download full distributive ( 4 793 203 bit ) in ktk.ru ;

 Download distributive in a 7 parts ( SFX ARCHIVE 7 VOLUMES ):

in chat.ru :

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I Vol. 825251 bit    

II Vol. 730112 bit   

III Vol. 730112 bit  

IV Vol. 730112 bit   

V Vol. 730112 bit    

VI Vol. 730112 bit   

VII Vol. 429308 bit  

Efka's VERSE: "Liberty to Iraq" You can see this:  (Now only in RUSSIAN language).
My record = 1360 murdered!!
My file "moorhuhn.sav" You can download this:  .

Change the standard Windows sounds on fragments of the music of XVI century by composer Padre Manoel Rodrigues COELHO da Costa (1555-1635; Portugal) from His book: "FLOWERS OF MUSIC" (printed in 1620 year). The audio was created on the synthesizer: "ENSONIQ TS 12". FREEWARE. 1983 Kb. The distributive will install the five music fragments (.wav) in C:\WINDOWS\MEDIA\COELHO . Then You can adjust Your Windows sounds in Your taste.

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